The future of investing

It’s an exciting time to be an investor, and it doesn’t matter if you are an individual (accredited or not) or an institution (large or small). There are so many opportunities at our fingertips, many of which didn’t exist a decade ago and they are available for most investors, not just large, institutional ones. More tools, more data, more asset classes, and cheaper costs.

These are the opportunities that InvestOrama will be exploring.

We’ve lived through one of the most fantastic bull runs in history. Is it ending soon? It’s not my purpose to find out. However, I know that equities are relatively pricey, rates are still close to zero, and this trend will eventually end.

The newsletter looks into the future and explores the tools and opportunities accessible to modern investors. But it will NEVER BE ABOUT TRADING TIPS. Instead, the focus will be on long-term portfolio building.

Investors are always searching for good ideas, when what they need are good habits.

Jason Zweig, Wall Street Journal

Curious and Optimistic but Hype-free

Where are the opportunities? Well, everywhere. Let’s name a few: crypto, art, collectables, hedge funds, private equity, land.

Curiosity will be our guide across technology and asset classes. But as we venture into new destinations, we’re less protected by regulators and our common sense. And who’s reading the disclaimers, right?

Democratization is a fintech buzzword that usually translates into access. In contrast, its origins mean power to the people (δεμος = public + κρατος = power).

We are trying to get back the power by scrutinizing the shiny new objects pushed in front of our eyes and into our portfolios. Making sense of hype vs reality will matter when the bull run ends.

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George Aliferis
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